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We are a crypto educational platform. We are a crypto educational platform. We are a crypto educational platform. We are a crypto educational platform. We are a crypto educational platform.

About us

At Hundred X, we believe in the power of education and helping as many people as possible become financially independent.

Mission and vision

More than 10 years of experience in crypto and 25 years in financial industry have helped us convey the whole process in an easily understandable and accessible way for anyone. Regardless of your knowledge, whether you are a beginner or experienced in the crypto space, we will assist you to reach your desired goals.

Our team

At Hundred X, we believe in the power of education and providing equal opportunities to everyone.

Individuals don’t scale - teams do.

Robert Lonsdorfer


Robert has worked as Senior Executive for over 25 years in world-class companies such as UBS Private Banking, and Emaar in Dubai, consulted governments, run BTO (an award-winning startup) where he re-shaped financial planning. Now, he is a Co-Founder and CEO of Hundred X.

Marko Kazic


Marko is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, and digital enthusiast based in Dubai for the last 10 years. His job is to spread Hundred X’s vision around the globe.

Milos Balaban


With 10 years of impeccable crypto experience, Miloš will be helping navigate your way in crypto space. Any successful investment always commences with a highly skilled investor with a proven track record.


Our values, our DNA

Our values, our DNA

Individuals don't scale - teams do. It's not about what you can accomplish individually; it's about impacting what we can accomplish together. Share ownership, lend a hand and empower others.

Transparency is in the DNA of what we build, as well as who we are. Ask questions, share answers, reach out for help, and challenge expectations across the board and educate each other to become a better version of ourselves. Do so in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Strong communities have a significant sense of purpose. As members of community, people don’t just want to lay bricks, they want to build a house. Hundred X is your home.

What are the main flaws in the Crypto space, and how we make it a better place?

What are the main flaws in the Crypto space, and how we make it a better place?


  1. 1. Legitimacy of traders
  2. 2. Legitimacy of the platform/company
  3. 3. Lack of understanding the content


  1. 1. 85% win rate
  2. 2. Dubai and UK based companies
  3. 3. Easily digestible educational content

per month

  • Month 1 - June

    101% profit without leverage

  • Month 2 - July

    19% profit without leverage

  • Month 3 - August

    21% profit without leverage

  • Month 4 - September

    10.48% profit without leverage

  • Month 5 - October

    36.38% profit without leverage

  • Month 6 - November

    6.74% profit without leverage

  • Month 7 - December

    16.62% profit without leverage

  • 211% profit without leverage


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

Sign up and then click on the follow-up email which will lead you to a full registration. It has never been easier, it will take less than a minute.

What are the live session, webinars?

We will run live training sessions with all subscribers on a bi-weekly basis or higher frequency if required by macro or micro-events. The live lessons or webinars will be held at a specific time and not pre-recorded, where subscribers have the opportunity to ask questions and hear the questions of others in real-time. Invitation will be sent through the Telegram group and sessions will use video conferencing technology such as Zoom or any other suitable media for the audience.

What is the educational course?

The course consists of 3 modules and 30 lessons in total. It addresses all you need to be independent in your crypto journey. For example, we have a global perspective on inflation, devaluation, banks as well as a very granular level of how to open an account securely, how to transfer funds, manage risk, set up stop-loss, and also how to analyze the market from A to Z. The course is provided for FREE as part of a monthly subscription.

How many trade setups do you share per week?

Depending on the trend of the market (bearish or bullish) the average amount of trades every week varies, but even when we don’t share the trade setups for a few days, we will update you on this matter and share other related news either through our social media channels or using our live sessions/webinars. Our aim is not to rush with trade setups because this results in losses; instead, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Can you manage my account?

No, we don’t get involved with your account. You are responsible for managing your own funds.

Do I need a Telegram account?

Yes, we use Telegram as our channel for sending our content.

Pricing and Payments

Do I need to extend my membership?

Your monthly subscription will renew automatically at the end of each subscription period unless you terminate it prior to your period expiring. Remember, your subscription begins the day you signed up for the service and renews automatically for a set period from that date. For example, if you choose a monthly plan on June 15, it will automatically renew on July 15 at the end of a 1-month period.

Can I cancel anytime? Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no cancellation fee. To cancel your subscription, go to Profile Dashboard > Subscriptions > Show More > Cancel. Canceling means you'll lose access to all of our premium features when your plan finishes.

What is your refund policy?

We do not give free trials or refunds, so once you join up for the duration of your package, you are committed to that period and all of its perks. If you sign up for the service and decide it isn't for you, simply cancel before your renewal date and avoid being charged.

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Choose a plan and get onboard in seconds